Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kings of Leon - Come Around Sundown

Artist: Kings of Leon
Album: Come Around Sundown
Out: October 19th, 2010 (Last week!)

I have an interesting relationship with Kings of Leon. I'm not really a fan, and had no idea who they were until Use Somebody and Sex on Fire came to be huge. I like the fact that they have a very interesting sound and a lead singer with a distinctive voice. What I don't like is, the same thing I don't like about MGMT, this "we're not mainstream, so we're gonna make sure we don't make a mainstream record next time." This is complete and utter bull shit! If you made a record that made you mainstream, then that means you were making "not mainstream" music while you were recording it. So "Come Around Sundown" is a very interesting listen, because I can hear the band holding back. Efforts like this and MGMT's "Congratulations!" are trying so hard not to be mainstream, that they end up trying too hard and fail at being decent listenable music. Luckily that last statement is only partly true for this record.

Sundown starts with a slow moving rock opus, similar to Sex on Fire, entitled The End. Now, this could be a hint to the fact that they are going to try and end their "mainstream popularity" by being "different." Regardless, its listenable. The chorus soars and actually has a catchy hook. It's not exactly rock out type music, but I never really thought Kings was anyway. First radio single, Radioactive, swings in to pick up the pace. It's the most "single" worthy of the cuts on the record, and I like that it was chosen as so. But I fear for the long term goals of this record. The single itself has a heartbeat unlike any of the other cuts. Its quick and fast paced and will keep you jogging in place.

Pryo is a predictable and boring album cut that was axed from my iPod before I could get a full listen. It went no where, it moved slowly, and its not catchy. In an effort to be "indie" they've stabbed themselves in the foot and made a boring song, which I assume will happen more often on this record. The song Mary is a nice surprise after the predictable tracks before it. It's a throw back jam that hints at late 50's music, with a 90's grunge flare. It's cute and lyrics are like a love song, thought Leon's lead vocalist doesn't quite have a love song voice. It's still a keeper.

The Face is what is being talked about as the next single. Now, I can see how this might fit in well on Rock centered stations, but it sounds like a direct rip off of Use Somebody, if not a direct relative of it. It's a slow moving rock anthem that picks up toward the end of the song. This won't do anything for anymore Top 40 radio play. PS - don't ever ask someone to give up New York City for Tennessee. That's just... unacceptable!

The Immortals is such a boring song, and it sounds so much like a typical Kings song, it doesn't even dignify a review. One listen and it was deleted, and I usually don't do that. I like to give each song a fair amount of listens before I decide to remove it. That being said Back Down South doesn't exactly do much for me either. It has a country flare to it, but just like so many of their songs it doesn't quite sound like its even begun. It's slow moving, but its not a ballad, a feat I will never understand. This does not give me the idea of good home Southern living, but then again I'm not from the South. So who knows.

Now Beach Side was a critic favorite in the reviews. So I was excited to listen to it. Sadly it did not live up to its reviews. It was actually, too short. It also didn't go anywhere. It seemed like more of a interlude than a song. And if that's what people are saying is the best song on the record, you can't expect the rest of the show is very good. No Money is a medium paced (which for this band generally means fast) song that I thought I'd probably be able to relate to, seeing as a poor as shit! Sadly its a muddled mess of sappy love lyrics and desire. I desired for it to be a better song.

Feeling a little worn down from all the depressing and disappointing material, I was happy to stumble across Pony Up. It's not ground breaking by any means, but its actually a bit of different material. It doesn't sound like a typical Kings of Leon song. It sounded like the evolution that should have occurred on this record. It has an undeniable pop influence, and maybe my pop music taste pallet is whats holding me back from truly diving into this record, but I liked this song a lot. The song Birthday is not one of those happy go lucky celebratory songs. It's not awful, but I didn't keep it on my iPod either. Mi Amigo doesn't have the Spanish flavor I wanted it to have, but it is as well, not as bad as the beginning of the record. (I'm trying to decide is Pony Up put me in a better mood or not). Still, Amigo was not kept.

The final song on the record, Pickup Truck, is not the Nickleback mud-slinging rock anthem I thought it might be. It does, however, posses some of the best vocals from Leon's lead singer I've ever heard. Very rock and roll and very gritty. I enjoyed the over direction of the song, but again, its not exactly for me. But I chose to keep it, because I think it'll grow on me.

Bottom line: You need to have the right kind of 'muscial taste' for a Kings of Leon record. This album was nothing ground breaking, but those who enjoy them will be very happy with the results.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

More new songs!

Let us jump in, shall we?

Artist: Rihanna
Song(s): Who's That Chick & What's My Name? (featuring Drake)
Album: LOUD
Out: November 16th, 2010

So, Rihanna has a couple new songs floating around the Internet. All looking to have the single treatment for the masses, complete with music videos and all. The thing I really respect of Ri, is that when she does something, she not only fully commits to it, she visually and sonically assaults us with her vision. Just as we were are starting to settle into our Only Girl (in the World) listening patterns, she hits us with the album's next single, which will be the Drake featured What's My Name? She's already shot the video, and has sent the new single to radio stations to play. It's a pace backward from the Euro-charged Only Girl single. It's a more laid back R&B track with a little bit of island flavor. I find this track interesting, because though I am not a "hater" of Drake, I am also not a fan. I really just stand with my cocked in confusion as to how he is such a respected rapper. His flow is... awkward. Not awful, but... awkward. Maybe I'm still looking at him in a wheel chair. In any case, Drake's flows and beats are rather "generic." And Ri was just caught calling her BFF Katy Perry's (along with Lady Gaga and Ke$ha's) music generic. So as you can imagine, when she releases what I would consider a "generic" song, I have to wonder whats going on up there. The song itself is good. It will top the R&B charts and its something that will get you grooving. It will be stuck in your head, but I doubt it'll be your favorite (at least, its not mine). I personally prefer the David Guetta produced Who's That Chick. It's bass is thumping and its chorus is soaring. It fits right in on the dance floor next to Only Girl, but its not a direct rip off of it. But, RiRi has decided she'll be using this in her Doritos commercial ads instead (wtf?) and it will serve as the first official radio single for Guetta's forthcoming album, One More Love, due out latter this year/early next year. It may (or may not) appear as a bonus track to Rihanna's LOUD.

Bottom line: Each song is a keeper, it just depends on your preference.

Artist: Black Eyed Peas
Song: The Time (The Dirty Bit)
Album: The Beginning
Out: November 30th, 2010.

B.E.P is at it again! After and incredible two years, with four number one hits and a huge World tour, the Peas are ready to release their follow up to 2009's massive The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies). Traveling with a studio on their tour bus, recording for The Beginning (clever!) began during the summer of this year. Originally planned as a re-release and accompanying EP to last years album, they began to realize that what they were creating was an album all its own. It had been rumored for a very long time that the album would be out before Christmas, and I was wondering where the first single was. Normally, you like to give about two and half (or more) months before a release, but the end of September and the beginning of October passed and no new material for the Peas. Which had me thinking we wouldn't see the new album til after the new year. But just last week The Time (The Dirty Bit) made its way onto the Internet. I very much dig the song... for when I'm sitting at a table in a club here in Los Angeles popping bottles of Grey Goose. Other then that, I'm not sure how well this will catch on. Now, I liked Boom Boom... Pow! and was instantly hooked to the last album when it premiered. I felt as if the BEP was ahead of the game. Most people didn't initially like the new material, but as we can see, it grew on them. I'm not sure this will grow on me. It samples the famous song I Had The Time Of My Life  and heavily auto-tunes Fergie's already brilliant voice. And really, it sounds like two songs that are painfully being pushed together. But I have faith in the Peas. They know what they are doing. And I think we can all plan on still having the album by November 30th.

Bottom line: It's not favorite song in the world, but I'm sure it'll blow up in the clubs!

Artist: Ke$ha
Song: We R Who We R
Album: Cannibal
Out: November 22nd, 2010

Just as I mentioned above, artists like to do re-packages of their original releases, which sometimes include a brand new EP with upwards of nine new songs. Also, when you hear a definite release date, but no new material on the radio, you have to wonder if the company will stick to said release date. Well, Ke$ha has decided to stick to the repackage and new EP format (made famous by Lady Gaga last year). Animal + Cannibal will be available November 22nd, as will Cannibal by itself. Now this is always a good way of doing things for the record companies. Because for every person that buys Animal + Cannibal it will count as a sale unit toward the original markings of Ke$ha's first album (which has just surpassed Platinum status). This almost guarantees that Animal itself with go double Platinum, solidifying Ke$ha's place with the likes of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Rihanna. This will also make the EP sell even better. Just look at Gaga's The Fame + The Fame Monster. They both have monstrous sales, and that is because they have also been packaged together. But still, you want to have enough promotional time to make sure that the general public knows when to go out and gobble up these new goodies. But with a song like We R Who R at a time like this, she could have released this a week before and it all would have done phenomenally. The brilliant thing about this song (other then its subject matter) is that it doesn't alienate Ke$ha's original audience, yet still shows an incredible amount of growth. The lack of "Jack Daniels" in this song is actually rather frightening. She still uses the same amount of "sing-talk" fun as she did before, and the electronic bass is ever present, but she has now created an anthem for those who don't feel like they are good enough. I'm loving this "It Gets Better" movement. Because it does, it really does. And if I had songs like these when I was growing up, I would have been able to get through anything. The uplifting messages isn't tacky or over played, its a subtle nuance in the material itself. The words "we are who we are" sound like a battle cry to those who don't believe in you. This song can lift you out of any funk. It took me a hott minute to grow attached to the song, but now it is non-stop plaing on the Pizzle.

Bottom line: Grab this mother fucker for free on her website (http://www.keshasparty.com/) and blast this shit out the windows of your car!

Artist: P!nk
Song: Raise Your Glass
Album: Greatest Hits... So Far!!
Out: November 16th, 2010.

Another one of my favorite out spoken ladies of Pop music is releasing a greatest hits collection. After five multi-platinum records, countless awards, and number one hits, P!nk is finally giving us a collection of her best. Now, if you're like me, you already have all of her best patiently waiting for you on your iPod. So to offset that fact, P!nk has recorded a few new songs to add to the end of the disc for those of us true fans. Side note: If you ever get a chance to see P!nk live in concert, DO IT. I can't stress to you enough how brilliant (and over looked) this woman is! When I heard the first single Raise Your Glass, I had to play it ten more times in a row, because I was instantly hooked. Its classic P!nk, and she has teamed with hit maker Max Martin to create a soaring new pop tune that sits perfectly next Ke$ha's new song. Its a generational song that speaks to the more seasoned crowd. So many people are looked down upon for being "different" and this track really makes it clear that everyone has a reason to be the way they are. Again, like Ke$h, she has managed to stay away from cheesy, and invoke power. This is a song that you jump up and down to when you're getting ready to go out. This is a song for US!

Bottom line: Put this song right next to We R Who We R on your play list, and blare them as loud as you possibly can at all your haters. Seriously.

Artist: Lee DeWyze
Song: Sweet Serendipity
Album: Live It Up
Out: November 16th, 2010.

I'm sorry, who is Lee DeWyze again? Oh yeah! He won American Idol this year. Whoops. Forgot all about him (and his cast mates). Now lets be honest here. Lee could use this to his advantage. One of the reasons contestants have such a hard time launching careers after Idol (aside from the iron clad contracts with 19 Entertainment) is because they have attachment to professional karaoke. They are... characters on a stage really. Most people play along from January to May, and vote and become "fans." But they are really becoming fans of the girl who does Joni Mitchell really well, not what that girl does (Like my subtle Crystal Bowersox reference? Yeah, me too). So when they are thrown into the wild with a song of their own, most of their audience has already left the building. So they have to build a career as if they were already a has been. Luckily for people like Kelly Clarkson, she was able to re-invent herself after the first album. And Carrie Underwood and Fantasia have built in Country and R&B markets that are very very loyal. Most of the people who are fans of the above performers did not watch them on Idol. So really, the fact that virtually everyone has forgotten who Lee DeWyze is could work in Lee's favor. Steer clear of Idol references, and produce good music, and I think he'll be on to something. Though his team has already made a mistake. They released first single Sweet Serendipity rather late in the game. Mid-October for a first single from a debut artist and a mid-November release usually don't work. It won't even be until early January that radios will begin to pick this stuff up. And at that point, his album release has come and gone. This song is so good and so sweet though. Its as if Jason Mraz and John Mayer had a baby. Its an uptempo singer song writer kind of song. Its an uplifting song about how no matter how bad things are, there is always tomorrow. And I know that sounds cheesy, but the song is surprisingly adult. This song keeps me jogging and puts a smile on my face when it comes across my shuffle in the car. We'll see how Lee fairs in the end, and I hope its good, but I won't hold my breath.

Bottom line: Listen to the song. If you like it, go buy it. Request it on your radio stations. Lets see if we can make someone out of nothing.


Monday, October 18, 2010

JoJo - Can't Take That Away (Mixtape)

Artist: JoJo
Album: Can't Take That Away From Me
Out: September 14th (for FREE!)

We all remember JoJo. She had a string of hits in the early millennium, and no one could believe how young she was after they heard her sing (Willow Smith anyone?). Then she moved into a semi-successful acting career (RV anyone?). Then she moved into ... obscurity. 

I'm guessing no one ever thought they'd hear from JoJo ever again. Well, her record label would have loved for that to happen as well. As JoJo has matured over the years, as has her sound. Gone are the days of her bubble gum R&B infused pop melodies. She's begun to embrace her more urban side and that's what makes her happy. Unfortunately transitioning genres is a difficult thing, and often requires a lot of label support, something this singer does not have.

So after a long legal battle with her label to get them to pay attention to her or let her out of her contract so she could go somewhere where they did, she won and now she's getting the push she needs.


I'm not sure this is the right direction.

I've never truly understood the concept of a "mixtape." Its an interim of half way decent rap songs that were all produced by one person late one night when said rapper and producer got stoned and thought it'd be cool to make an album in one night. They usually aren't very good, and they are always given away for free. It's something that the Hip-Hop community uses to tide fans over while they work on the real music. So when I see R&B artists/Pop acts doing the same thing, I have to scratch my head a little bit.

When listening to this record, it is not a mixtape by any means. It is a completed and finished product. Are there hits here? Not really. Are there good songs here? Of course. Will you find something you like? Absolutely!

The "tape" opens with the title track, Can't Take That Away From Me. JoJo promised that each song would be a different type of sound you've probably never heard from her before. This title offering infuses rock and an 80's vibe that soars with her clear and mature vocals. I get 'old school' early Mariah/Janet vibes from her voice and this song. It's a repetitive soaring track that I enjoyed on first listen.

The next track Running on Empty takes a page out of its own name and falls flat. Its a one of those meandering R&B tracks that I hope she stays away from on her next full length effort. Pretty Please picks up the 'empty' slack with a titillating throw back to 70's R&B. Its a bit under-produced, but its a fun "getting ready with the girls" kind of a song.

The next two songs (Why Didn't You Call and Just A Dream) were so boring I've already forgotten what they sounded like, and deleted them immediately from my iTunes. Experimental for sure. Just not my cup of tea. When Does It Go Away, which features Travis Garland, picks up the previous tracks slack. This is a modern pop gem ballad. The song soars into your brain and finds a strange place in your heart. We've all felt this feeling before. It's an absolutely beautiful track, that was most likely recorded for Garland's derailed album, since he seems to featured prominently. But I love this track, and find myself humming it from time to time when I'm on my own.

The pop gems keep coming with My Time Is Money. This is a female empowerment song that you can dance to. It will keep your girls night out party going and get everyone amped for being young sexy single independent women! I'll admit, I've been jamming to this song for over a month now. I just can't get enough. It's pure Beyonce pop music.

Moving back into the lifeless R&B that she seems to enjoy exploring on this effort, What You Like, is a dreary piece that does nothing to keep my ears interested in listening, and I doubt it'll do the same for you. In the Dark, which was the first Internet single from the tape, is a dark sexy moody piece that delves into subject of sex (gasp!). It's pure R&B, but its the kind of baby making R&B that was produced correctly and its delivered properly. I dare you not to catch yourself touching yourself a little when this song comes on your shuffle.

Boy Without A Heart is that perfect bluesy R&B song I've always wanted to hear from her. Throwing me back into the 60's. Live instrumentation, instead of computer produced beats. The lyrics are heart-wrenching, and reflective. I can't get enough this kind of JoJo. I hope she keeps moving forward in this direction.

The shows closer, All I Want Is Everything, is the title for her forthcoming LP. I have to wonder if this will be a track on the upcoming release, or if its just a pre-cursor for the new material. Either way, its a jam that fits into the TLC R&B from the mid-90's. It's medium paced and its a lyrical anthem to the musically stunted JoJo of the past few years. It's kind of like a lion roar from the sparky 19 year old who's already had 7 years of a career before it was even legal for her to drink. Awe, young money! What have you done lately?

Bottom line: It's free, so I may have been easier on it, but I think its a worthy download. Figure out which JoJo you like.

Wake me up, when September ends...

So, I kind of left off what happened in September... ish.

So lets just jump right in, shall we?

Artist: Nadine Coyle
Song: Insatiable
Album: Insatiable
Out: November 8th, 2010 (UK!)

Ever find yourself longing back to the days of late 90s pop. Those songs were always a mixture of rock and big band, in my opinion. That's exactly what this supremely produced piece of pop candy is. Nadine has been around in UK for nine years now, as apart of singing girl group, Girls Aloud, the biggest thing since the Spice Girls. Last year, Cheryl Cole broke out and did some solo material, and Nadine caught the appetite to do the same. Amidst rumors that she had a serious falling out with the other girls (as all girl groups go through) Nadine has delivered an interesting blend of pop and top 40 material that could do well here in the States. I'm extremely interested in hearing the rest of the album, and it shouldn't be long now until we do. But first, Cheryl has a new album to drop just one week before, and we'll see who can best who!

Bottom line: If you're looking for something new (and you live in the US), I would suggest checking this stuff out. You may like it, you may not. I do...

Artist: Kelly Rowland
Song: Forever and a Day & Forever is Just a Minute Away
Album: One Woman Show
Out: ... God knows when...

The troubling thing about Kelly Rowlands recent releases is that everything she does is so gooooooood! So as a fan of the fact that she continuously puts out consistent euro-pop flavored anthems and hits, you can imagine how frustrated I can get when I hear they refuse to put out these gems in the American market. In fact, they plan on releasing two different CDs, one for America and another for Europe. The American CD being more urban flavored, (ie, Rose Colored Glasses, Grown Ass Woman, etc.) and the European CD focusing on her club anthems (ie, Commander, Forever and a Day, Forever is Just a Minute Away, etc.)

My question is, with the recent Lady Gaga movement, and artists like her, why are we so afraid to let our current artists take the idea even further. These songs seem to capitalize on the fact that the American market is moving further towards a Euro flavor, but the industry has just decided that some artists don't get to par-take.

Both of these Forever songs are strong Eruo dance flavored pop gems. They will get you dancing on the dance floor and they'll keep you running on the treadmill. Either way, they are must haves for anybody with good dance music taste. Revolt against the American record companies and listen to good dance muisc!!

Bottom line: Get this music out there. It's too good to go un-noticed. I prefer Forever and a Day to the latter, but both are good dance music.

Artist: Willow Smith
Song: Whip My Hair
Album: TBA
Out: Next year some time

I am so offended by the talent that this little girl posses. Not only does she have extremely talented and amazing parents, she is 9 years old and FIERCE as shit! It's just not fair. The fact that 9 year old girl is singing my jam right now. I mean... Somewhere, Beyonce is very upset she didn't get to this song first.

Sometime just after I stopped having time to blog (my move!) this song made its way to the internets, and then Ryan Seacrest premiered it on his morning show. And basically long story short, Jay-Z signed this gifted child to a record deal. And hopefully sooner than later we'll have a whole album filled with in your face jams like this. This song is one of those amazing guilty pleasures that you shouldn't feel bad about loving. It came completely out of left-field in a world of music that is trying to blind side you with how "different" it is, this is a song we've all heard before, but because it was so superbly executed, we are listening with full attention. This girl is going to BLOW UP! Mark my words on that one.

Bottom line: Try to pick your jaw up off the floor that she's only 9, btw! ;)

Now, I'm sure I had plenty more to discuss, but it's my loss for not being able to come back and inform you. So we have two or three more album reviews for September, then its on to the lost time from October!

Meanwhile, in the land of GLITTER...

First things, first...

Moving SUCKS.

I mean, not really sucks. Because, being on the verge of realizing your dreams is amazing thing. Being in a new place is fun. Change is good.

But getting to know a new part of your life takes time. It takes patience. And unfortunately, it doesn't leave much time to blog :(

But, I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

Get ready.

It's happening.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's been a month...

So I have plenty of blog about.

But no internet to do it.

I just moved last Friday to my new apartment here in Los Angeles, CA. I have no interent. But, tomorrow morning they man is coming to install it. I'm excited. But I also have a big weekend ahead of me. I'm going to San Diego Friday night to see Carrie Underwood and love all up on the Downtown SD scene! On Saturday, I'll be hitting up Laguna Beach to see a few friends who are in town from Manhattan. And Sunday, I'm hoping to be going to Disneyland Gay Days with my bestie Marisha!

So, on Monday I'll be wrapping up all of September's releases (believe me, we have A LOT to discuss) and then we'll be starting October fresh!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Selena Gomez & the Scene - A Year Without Rain (album)

Artist: Selena Gomez & the Scene
Album: A Year Without Rain
Out: September 21st, 2010 (NOW!)

Tweens rejoice! Selena Gomez and her band, the Scene are at again!

Let's be honest. We all still listen to the youngster's music. Miley, Demi, JoBros, Justin Bieber, and Selena. I'm guilty, and I know you can admit it too.

Luckily, both Demi and Miley are moving toward a far more mature sound and look, and Biebs has had the help of Usher and Kanye West to make him not look like a total tool.

So here's the deal. Selena Gomez had two awesome songs on her last CD. The infectious Falling Down and the, dare I say, brilliant Naturally. Yeah, I said it. It was brilliant. So when they decided to start recording the follow up, I was happy to hear that they were going to try and focus thier effort toward that kind of a sound.

Selena has a medioce voice, and a barely there delivery. But I knew if she got the right producers behind her, she'd have quite the little tween album on her hands. I believe she's even stated that she wants to move toward a move grown up sound as well, seeing as she is growing up herself. I respect the fact that it doesn't mean she has to take her clothes off. Yeah, I'm looking at you MileyBird.

But the songs on this record sound like Naturally's cousins, not the direct offsprings. Each song is good. Each song has a purpose. But nothing on this disc is getting me off my ass and dancing the way Naturally always does.

The album opens with first single, Round & Round, which carries the dance hall vibe of Naturally over into the new record, with just a little less spark and pizazz. Moving into title A Year Without Rain, second single, that continues to solidify the fact that I don't think this record is going to catch the same sparkle that Naturally, and even Falling Down, possessed.

Rock God is an interesting direction for Selena and her boys to take. Originally a Katy Perry demo for her first album, about the struggle between her religious convictions and her desires to be a rock star, Rock Mafia has taken the gem of a song and produced it into a tween dance anthem, something they have a knack for. I definitely still like it, but do yourself a favor and look up the Katy Perry version. It's less produced as Selena's, but its delivered with far better confidence.

Off The Chain is a mild-tempoed song produced by Pop duo Rock Mafia. A cute little love song for the tween set, but it is sure to get you dancing. A song that takes what made Naturally such a big hit, and expands on the idea. As stupid as the song title sounds like, the lyrics make up for it with a innocent type of maturity.

Here's the deal. Sometimes, no matter how old I get, I like to feel like a kid. I like to dance around in my underwear, and pretend that I don't have any of the grown up responsibilities that I have now a days. Summer's Not Hot is my jam, for this reason. Its ridiculously up-tempo, and it has no hidden meaning, like a lot of Disney songs do. It's literally about how the summer isn't even hot without the presence of your school yard crush. The song is young and somewhat refreshing. Deal!

Do yourself a favor, and just ignore the sixth song ont he disc. Its bad, its just bad. Intuation is not Selena's, nor is it Toby Gad's, best.

When reading some interviews with Miss Gomez before the album was released, she said she was going to experiment with some reggae sounds. Needless to say, I wasn't thrilled at the idea. I thought, "what train wreck of a song is going to come from this?" Well, I am pleasantly surprised. Spotlight is a fun party jam, with innocent lyrics, and simple party vibe perfect for your middle school get together. Again, its nothing special, but its fun and dancey. 

Surprisingly grown up mid-tempo ballad Ghost of You comes after a slew of dance hall jams, and really gives your ears a rest from tween pop mediocrity. The lyrics are surprisingly grown up and beautiful and could apply to many situations that I've seen twenty somethings go through. It's a nice addition to the album and one of my favorites.

Sick of You is cute. Real cute. Its the tween version of Kelly Clarkson's legendary hit Since U Been Gone. But, its nothing special. It fits the whole vibe of the disc, but I'm not jumping up and down for it. That's for sure.

The final cut fits perfectly with the band's first effort, and closes the show with a rock-piano based ballad. Live Like There's No Tomorrow gives me hope that the younger generation is truly a more socially liberal generation. The message of love everyone is definitely cheesy, but its her strongest ballad vocals I've ever heard.

Bottom line: Cute. But cute doesn't really sell records in the mainstream.
Must hear song(s): Ghost of You & Off The Chain.